Interactive Bankers – Rethink Your Branch Experience

Many industries are somewhere in the process of adapting to digital transformation. Those that make the transition and keep up with customer expectations and maximize their resources will be in the best position for current and future success. The financial services/banking industry is no different, although you may hear it often referred to as “branch transformation.” This process involves implementing and integrating advanced technology, such as Interactive Teller Machines (ITM) or Interactive Bankers (IB).

The primary benefit of an ITM is that it blends the ease and convenience of a traditional ATM with the personal touch and professionalism of a live teller. ITMs can be placed in a drive-thru lane and/or inside the branch lobby. Customers can quickly perform basic banking tasks, such as withdrawing or depositing cash, transferring funds, making a loan payment, or checking balances. And, should the customer need to chat with a teller, help is only a click away. Providing this option for customers who prefer this route allows your staff to focus on more complex matters and deliver exceptional service to more traditional customers. ITMs also enable you to serve customers beyond regular bank hours for added convenience.

Now more than ever, it’s about building loyalty through better customer experiences. CBSI understands that and has the expertise and resources needed to help your financial institution make the “bank transformation” with excitement and ease.

The Top 4 Benefits of Cash Recyclers

There is much buzz about digital currency and mobile payments, but financial institutions know that cash is still king. So, how do businesses like banks tackle cash-handling tasks accurately and efficiently? That’s where cash recyclers from CBSI really shine. Today’s advanced cash recyclers can do everything from counting and sorting cash to identifying counterfeits and completing transactions.

Here are just four of the benefits you can expect when you invest in cash recyclers:

  1. Accuracy – It’s a given that errors and manual cash handling go hand in hand. Even the most skilled staff will eventually make a mistake. Cash recyclers are automated, eliminating human error and protecting your financial institution from costly miscalculations.

  2. Cost Savings – Cash recyclers start to pay for themselves immediately by freeing up your staff to focus on growing your business and delivering exceptional customer experiences rather than laborious cash management tasks.

  3. Fraud Protection – Cash recyclers make it easier to keep track of totals, thus allowing you to identify internal or external theft quickly. Also important, thanks to the advanced technology used in modern cash recyclers, counterfeit currency can be accurately detected and rejected.

  4. Security – Think of cash recyclers as a mini vault. These automated machines safely store cash and can only be accessed using a PIN. All transactions are tracked, allowing you and your management team to monitor each one.

To learn more about the benefits and features of cash recyclers, contact CBSI. We are more than happy to answer any questions or provide a demonstration.