Electronic Security

Advanced Electronic Security, Simplified

Today’s electronic security options can both impress and overwhelm you. They offer so many features and configurations, it can be difficult to determine what you really need – and even after you make a choice, you wonder how long it will take for you and your staff to learn how to use it properly. With CBSI, you can focus on growing your business and delivering excellent customer service. CBSI will only recommend equipment that fits your needs, and then we’ll take care of everything from the installation and maintenance to the management of your electronic security system.

Access Control

One of the most important facets of your overall security system is controlling who has access to specific areas or rooms. Access control systems range in complexity, but that doesn’t mean that it has to feel that way. CBSI has extensive experience in access control systems and can partner with you to find the solution that fits your financial institution’s needs and size.

Alarm Systems

Having a modern, effective alarm system is essential to not only protecting your assets and your customers’ assets but also to create an environment where you and your staff feel secure. Many variables go into constructing a fully integrated alarm system. As your trusted partner, we can perform a thorough evaluation of your needs and/or your current system to customize a solution that works best.

Digital Video Systems

The Network Video Recorder (NVR) has transformed everything from home entertainment to security technology. Just as you would record and review your favorite show at a later time, you can record and review security footage that provides essential insight and documentation to any events that occur around or within your facility. We will consult with you to find the system and layout that fits your needs. CBSI works with some of the biggest names in video intelligence to offer you the latest advances in analytics and NVR capabilities.